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We Design for You at Unbeatable Price!

Kal's Studio just give amazing offer to you to design banner (wedding, sports day) poster, or business card and it's only cost from RM15 to RM30 for whatever design you wish for.

How it Works?
We will send you the example of the design in jpg format to your e-mail and you will decide to accept it or request for a different design. After that, we will send photoshop format (pdf) and jpg (actual size) to your e-mail. We will make it until you satisfy. There is no extra charge! So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are you talking about?
We are talking about about our business. We are professional freelance designer who design for you online.

Q How much?
Poster = RM15
Banner = RM15
Business Card = RM15
Brochure = RM25
Magazine, Novel, Book Cover = RM25
Signboard = RM25

Do you print for us?
No. We only design for you and we will send soft copy(jpg. and psd.) to your e-mail.

Q How long you take time to design those things?
It depends on your design but not take more than 3 days.

Q I'm from advertising or printing company. Am I able to use your services?
Absolutely yes! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Q I want to make order now! How?

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For further information:

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Contact No. : 019-5762623 (24 HOURS)