Tuesday, May 26

New version of Kal's Studio

This is great. After all, I have done to redesign and rebuild the contents and template in this page. It takes one weeks to finish it and it is very different from the actual version. Of course Photoshop CS3 always give me a lot of inspiration to design something new and try to create something different from the other graphics. A credit to Vienna Brushes to let me host the brushes on my site.

Log on to http://myphotoshopbrushes.com/ for more information to download the brush.

It's not hard to us to design our own layout or template. We just need to know the basic of Photoshop or other design software and know the size of the template. It is fun and interesting rather than we download free templates from other website. Yeah, of course it is more easy but you won't get the design that you really want. There is another site that can help you.

I like this site and it's one of my favourit site because it helps me a lots to customize and design our blog. I'm very sure it will help you.