Tuesday, June 30

Google Chrome the Best Internet Browser?

For many years we have intoduced by many internet browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and many more. But today, many of users change their internet browser to Google Chrome. Why? What is so special about this internet browser? Let me ask you. What the first think that you hope when you surf internet? The answer is speed. Most people want the best speed to surf internet.

Picture 1: Google Chrome

But, wait a minute. Someone say that the internet browser is not the factor of speed but it depends on our internet or modem speed. Yes its true but there are another reason why Google Chrome is faster than other internet browser. The main reason is it's light application, simple look and easy to use. The interesting part using this internet browser is that when we surf so many website, we can easily separate the website to new window by dragging the 'tab'.

When we click to run the Google Chrome, Guest what... it will appear just 1 second and it will automaticaly show the thumbnail of the website that we usually visited and it is easy to us to visit our favourite website again and again without typing the website address at search engine.


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