Thursday, May 28

Banner for Wedding Day

Next week is the important day to be remembered by Muhd Khyrulnizam and Engku Muhaini because they are going to share their live forever. Yes, they are going to merry and we hope they will live happily ever after. Khyrulnizam's sister, actually my girlfriend has told me to design a wedding banner to the wedding day. She informed to me that the color theme for that day is blue and silver. She also asked me to design the banner according to the theme and include the rings as a main graphic on the banner.

I used blue tone as a color of the background on the banner as I told to follow the color theme and I put couple of wedding rings on that.

For more lovely touch, I put a blue rose on the right so it will give more effect to the banner. As a background, i used heart symbol as a regular symbol of love. For the font, I used Wedding Font. You can find it on So, there is a banner and I hope she will give me the bride and groom picture soon for the final touch.


syahidahariff said...

nanti aku kawin leh la ko tolong watkan ye lid..hehe

Kal Studio said...

Can! Just drop ur husband name to me..

Kal Studio said...
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Anonymous said...

the sonic is soooo nice

Kal's Studio said...


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