Saturday, June 20

Photoshop - Repair Old Photos

Yesterday, when you open your picture folder you have found your picture when you was young. So cute and chubby! But suddenly you realized that the quality of the picture was very bad =( . That was really dissapointed and you are wondering how to adjust it. Today, I want to show to you how to repair the image. Don't worry. . What you need to do is open your Adobe Photoshop and follow the simple instructions below. Don't have it? click here to get trial version. Here's the example of the picture. 10 years old boy half naked. To know more about him, leave your comment =D. Just kidding. Let's start...

Open Adobe Photoshop and click to file>open and choose your picture. Next, click timage>adjustment>auto color.

After you click it, the colour of the image will automatically adjusted. After that, click to filter>blur>surface blur. Adjust the radius and threshold. How to adjust? Alrite, this is the way to adjust it. Drag the radius and threshold pointer to the right. This must be done carefully because if you drag to much, your picture will be so blured. For this picture, i set 4 for radius and 11 for threshold. After you have done, click ok.

Picture 3: Adjust surface blur

After that, go to image>adjustment>level. This step will set for output and input level of the picture. To set your input color, the first step is to drag the black pointer (1) to the right or white pointer to the left. After that, adjust the middle level by dragging the grey pointer (2) to the left or right and click ok.

Picture 4: Adjust level

Where am I.. Ohh.. The final step! Thsi is the final touch for the image. Go to blur tool. If you don't know where it is, see at picture 5. We gonna use this tool to repair the old image. How to use it? Click at the tool and drag at the image. How? Enlarge your blur size by using ({) button on your keyboard or decrease the size of the blur by using (}) button. You can zoom in or out your image by using Ctrl+(+) or Ctrl+(-) button. After that, click and brush it on the whole image.

Picture 5: Blur Tool

Done! Can you see the difference??




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